Summary of the 2002 Annual General Meeting

Tollgate Hall, Stanway. Saturday 9th March 2002 1.30 - 5.00pm

The meeting was opened by the branch Chair, who welcomed our guest of honour, Anne Jackson, Area Organiser, our guests from the Chelmsford branch, thanking them for the hospitality shown to him at the Chelmsford branch AGM and everyone else at the meeting.

The Chair paid tribute to Maria Fremlin who, because of other commitments, is unable to continue as Vice Chair and Welfare Officer and thanked Maria for the help and assistance she has given him over the past three years.

It was pointed out that at the last AGM, the Chair announced that the branch had sent approx. 4000 to head office, for research purposes. This year he was happy to say that this past year, we had sent around 6000 and thanked everyone who had helped to make that possible.

In his 'Future of the Branch' report, the Chair made a plea for additional volunteers to help with the branch fund raising. He said that the branch had already completed three store collections this year, raising in excess of 1,400 helped at each of the collections, by Bridget and Tony Farley with their organ. He announced that there are several more collections already lined up plus a street collection in Colchester in August and a Musical concert in the town in November.

The Treasurers Report was discussed and accepted by the members, it showed a surplus over expenditure of 6,431.86. During the year the branch had made welfare payments of 500. Forwarded 6,300 to Head Office and ended with a closing bank balance of 830.81

The Welfare Officer, Janet Saunders gave her report, dealing mainly with a committee member, Marion Salmon, who had a fall and was taken into hospital, she now has to go into a residential home. Janet is monitoring the situation and will keep the committee informed.

There being no other nominations, the existing committee, with the exception of Maria Fremlin and Marion Salmon, for the reasons given above, were re-elected en-bloc, as follows:

Branch Chair Geoff Wiseman
Vice Chair Chris Jenkinson
Secretary Sue Wood
Treasurer Chris Jenkinson
Welfare Officer Janet Saunders
Committee Members Beryl Leeks
Geoff Ball

Certificates of appreciation, for their contribution and long service to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign were presented for:

5 Years Service:

10 Years Service:

The Meeting proper closed at 3.00pm and refreshments were served, accompanied by music on a keyboard. A raffle produced in excess of 58.00 for the branch funds.

Geoff Wiseman,
Colchester and District Branch,
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
11 March 2002