Summary of the 2005 Annual General Meeting

Tollgate Hall, Stanway. Saturday, 19th March 2005.

Chairman: Chris Jenkinson. Just over 40 people were present.

1. Minutes and Accounts

Minutes of the AGM of 2004 and accounts for the year 2004 were circulated.

2. Chairman's/Treasurer's report

The past year has been our best ever in terms of raising money: our total was just over 10000. The biggest single contribution was from the Primrose Festival at Bypass Nurseries in February 2004, yielding 955.44 net from the stall and a further 1905.13 from Bypass Nurseries. Unfortunately it will be some years before we can hope to repeat this. We managed 10 collections at supermarkets and North Station, giving a total of 3863.60, and Maria Fremlin raised 1117.70 by supplying her kefir culture in exchange for donations. Tony and Bridget Farley collected 718.70 by taking their barrel organ to fetes and other occasions, even though Tony suffered throughout the year from back pain. A wonderful effort from some very special people.

We have had some sad losses; Stan Angier and Doris Church during 2004, and since then Philip Miller has also died. Stan Angier was a stalwart supporter of the group for over 30 years, providing leadership, hard work and money from his own pocket.

Among the present committee, I should like to single out for our thanks Janet Saunders, who has been Welfare Officer for the last three years.

[A basket of flowers was presented to Janet by Martin Bennett.]

3. Election of Officers

Position Nominee Proposed by
ChairmanChris JenkinsonDavid Fremlin, Jan Jarman
SecretaryDavid FremlinJan Jarman, Janet Saunders
TreasurerChris JenkinsonDavid Fremlin, Janet Saunders
WelfareJanet SaundersJan Jarman, Norman Saunders
CommitteeMaria FremlinChris Jenkinson, David Fremlin
Jan Jarman " "
Beryl Leeks" "
Sue Wood" "
Tricia Stewart" "

4. Other business

The Chairman reported that we have a booklet listing useful appliances for the disabled. Terry Robinson continues to be based at Addenbrookes. Unfortunately the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign no longer has funds to support her, and during this year she will progressively transfer to an NHS position; but she should still be able to help Muscular Dystrophy sufferers with advice on equipment and sources of funding. Note that most GPs have little experience in these matters and anyone getting equipment is advised to consult Terry first.

5. Guest Speaker, Christine Cooke said:

I represent "Oakseed", a self-help group for disabled people which has been going for 5 years. We aim to build people's confidence and get them into employment. We try to offer suitable projects for training in skills which will help them to get work, start a business or proceed to further training. We also give advice on benefit entitlements. We too are short of committee members, and would welcome new members with new ideas!