Summary of the 2013 Annual General Meeting

Tollgate Hall, Stanway. Saturday 23 March 2013.

Chairman: Chris Jenkinson. About 9 people were present.

1. Guests

We welcomed Jordan Smith and Abigail Saxon, of Disability4Sport, and Chris Freer, from Josephs Court.

2. Abigail Saxon and Jordan Smith spoke:

[AS] Disability4Sport was set up last July as a community sports club. I myself was born deaf, but had a successful operation at the age of 7.
[JS] I have cerebral palsy. In mainstream schools I was always being told that I couldn't do things. A special-needs school and college were much more helpful.
[AS] We are a community interest company. At the moment we are trying to establish contact with as many schools as possible, to see what can be done there, and also engaging in community outreach, promoting adapted sports (e.g., volleyball with a balloon).
[JS] People will say "my child can't ... because ..."; we look for ways round the obstacles. At college I met several people with MD, mostly Duchenne's, and found myself involved in their care. We were able to adapt their chairs so that they could play wheelchair football. (This is especially popular in Japan). The founder of the Paralympics was a neurosurgeon, and the first international competition he organized was in archery.
[AS] We don't have a pool, but there is a disabled swimming club at Leisureworld. We are looking at variations on sports which able-bodied and disabled can play together.
[AS] (responding to a problem raised by Christine Cooke) If you have been given any special recommendations by a doctor, it is worth getting these in writing and making sure that anyone treating you has seen a copy.

3. Chris Freer said:

I am manager of Josephs Court, an MS-UK Centre of Excellence, at the Hythe. We started last July. We have a physiotherapist, an osteopath and a wellness coach, with various machines to develop strength and control, including devices to electrically stimulate limb movement and hence reduce muscle wastage. We should like to open out to people with other conditions who could benefit. At the moment we charge 5/session or 25/month.

4. Chairman's report

I should like to thank our collectors for their work during the year, and also the committee, especially Gina Clementson. Among other donations I note a contribution of 522 from a sponsored water-ski by Joy Maynard-Pope, who is 70. This fantastic achievement was in memory of her sister, Jean Moore.
I am sorry to report three deaths among our supporters: Tricia Stewart, Stuart Holden and Norman Saunders. All made great contributions to the group over many years.

5. Treasurer's report

In the absence of Gina Clementson, Chris Jenkinson presented the accounts for 2012.

6. Message from Charlotte Allen

Chris Jenkinson read out a message from Charlotte Allen, the MD Regional Fundraising Officer.

7. Election of Officers

Julia Newlove has retired from the committee. The following officers and committee were elected for the coming year:
    Position         Nominee    
ChairmanChris Jenkinson
SecretaryDavid Fremlin
TreasurerGina Clementson
WelfareGina Clementson
CommitteeBarbara Baker
Alan Emerson
Maria Fremlin