Muscular Dystrophy, Colchester
Newsletter number 10
April 2002

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Spring has well and truly sprung and over recent days we have experienced some excellent weather with the spring flowers looking delightful.

In the last newsletter I introduced a new branch member, Karen Turner. Karen was experiencing some difficulty, in resolving a longstanding problem with Colchester Borough Council. Janet Saunders, branch Welfare Officer, contacted Terry Robinson, our regional Family Care Officer, who visited Karen to discuss the problem, Terry then wrote to the Council and I am happy to say that the problem is now in the final stages of being resolved, my personal thanks to Janet and Terry for their invaluable assistance.

Annual General Meeting

The 2002 Annual General Meeting took place on March 9th at the Tollgate Hall, Stanway. Around twenty people attended the meeting.

The chairman welcomed everyone and especially our guest of honour, Regional Organiser, Anne Jackson. A special welcome was extended to our guests fro Chelmsford branch. The chairman thanked them for the warm welcome that he was given, at the recent Chelmsford branch AGM.

The chairman went on to thank Maria Fremlin, for the hard work she has carried out for the branch in the past and for the assistance she has given to the committee and to the chairman in particular. Unfortunately Maria has had to stand down from the committee, because of outside commitments.

The Treasurer's Report

Chris Jenkinson reported on the financial state of the branch:
Annual Income: 7,586.44
Total Expenditure 1,154.58
Excess Income over Expenditure 6,431.86
Opening Bank Balance 698.95
Plus Excess income over Expenditure 6,431.86
Less Funds to Head Office 2001 6,300.00
Bank Balance 830.81

During the year the branch made Welfare Payments of 500.00

The Welfare Officers Report

Janet's report, centred mainly on the plight of Marion Salmon. Marion recently had a fall and spent time in hospital. It was felt that she would be unable to look after herself on leaving hospital and therefore has had to go into residential care. At this time the situation is still fluid and we are not aware exactly where Marion will eventually be staying.
Janet is monitoring the situation and reporting back to the committee.
The chairman paid tribute to the excellent and very hard work that Marion had put into the branch, over many years, and wished her the very best of good wishes for the future.

As there were no nominations to the committee, from the floor, the existing committee members (as shown below) were elected en bloc. The Committee for 2002 - 2003 is as follows:
Chair Geoff Wiseman
Vice Chair Chris Jenkinson
Secretary Sue Wood
Treasurer Chris Jenkinson
Welfare Officer Janet Saunders
Committee Members Beryl Leeks
Geoff Ball

It is hoped to co-opt one or two additional members to the committee during the coming year. The final official act of the afternoon was for Anne Jackson to present Long Service awards to the following:
Jan, Keith and Clare Jarman Five Years
David MarshallTen Years

The AGM concluded with musical entertainment and an excellent buffet, organised by the lady committee members.

Branch Activities

Fund Raising: so far this year 2002, the branch has carried out five fund raising collections:
Jan 26th Asda Store Colchester275.80 (incl. Organ)
Feb 1st Sainsbury's Tollgate 850.43 (incl. Organ)
Feb 23rd Waitrose, Sudbury 471.67 (incl. Organ)
Mar 16th Fiveways Store Brightlingsea 389.64 (incl. Organ)
March 30th Tesco Store, Greenstead Road 283.79 (no Organ)
March 8th SGR Radio (donation) 250.00
Future Fund Raising: