From: "Geoff Wiseman" <>
Subject: Open Letter - Resignation
To: "peterfremlin" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 20:05:15 +0100

Dear Friends,

This letter is to announce and explain my resignation as branch chairman.

I submitted my resignation to your branch Secretary, in a letter dated 4th August 2002 but suggested, that as there were one or two fundraising events that I had organized and were yet to take place, I was prepared to stay on until the end of December to see them through. With this the committee agreed.

I have served, on the committee and as your chairman for almost four years. During that time, with exceptional help and assistance, both from your committee and also, a very small number of dedicated volunteers, we have been able to bring the branch, from imminent extinction to a reasonably satisfactory and stable condition. Our income has risen steadily, as have our contributions to head office.

One reason for my resignation is, that under my chairmanship, the branch has progressed as far as it can, It is now time for a new chairman, with fresh ideas, to take the branch forward, to seek further achievements. This, I am confident will happen. The branch now has a firm fundraising base but to stand still is to stagnate and fall by the wayside and that cannot be allowed.

I want to thank the committee, for their support, both moral and actual over the past four years and that small band of volunteers, without whose support this branch would no longer be. I cannot thank you enough.

My best wishes for the future, this branch will prosper, and of that I am confident.

Yours truly,

Geoff Wiseman.