Muscular Dystrophy UK have issued a suite of PDF files with detailed notes (dating from December 2005) for those considering adapting their homes to make things easier for disabled people.

For a searchable PDF of the full set of files (approx. 55MB), see here. Or go to individual files in the list below.

00 Contents

01 Foreword

02 Adaptations Process

03 Be your own keyworker

03 Keyworker contact details

04 Assessment of Need

05 Factsheets Support Groups

06 Lift v extension

07 Bath v shower

08a Equipment for Adaptations

08b Sit to Stand equipment

08c Beds

08d Wheelchairs

09 Hoisting

10 Assessment form, Architects brief

11a Housing needs and space

11c Arjo Sovereign bath

11d Shower toilet (children)

11e Shower toilet (adults)

11f Wash basin (children)

11g Wash basin (adults)

11h Working surfaces

11i Heating

11 Justifications

11j VAT form

12 Adaptation funding

12 Equipment Funding

13a Architects Network

13b Feedback questionnaire

14 Scales, Templates, Building Regulations

15 Adaptation specifications

16 Kitchens

17 Multiuse Facilities

18 Address list

20 Equipment Literature

Adaptations questionnaire

Letter to MP (2004)

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